World Mental Health Day: How we support our colleagues

Today businesses across the UK are taking part in World Mental Health Day.

The theme for this year is to stop and talk so today we are holding wellbeing sessions across the business to help people gain a better understanding of the support we offer our colleagues.

With over 70 million work days lost per year due to poor mental health, we take a proactive approach all year to ensure our colleagues are well supported in their wellbeing and physical health.

We have a mental health policy in place to help colleagues during difficult times through reviewing workloads and supporting the needs of that person so they can stay in work.

It’s paramount to us that our workplace fosters a culture of openness and communication. We are delighted to soon be launching sessions specially designed by our Wellbeing and Events Coordinator.

These will include short classes such as stretching, meditation and yoga in our newly-built Retreat.

The Retreat is a space where colleagues will have the opportunity to relax, unwind and take part in fun and creative games during manned hours throughout the week. It is designed to be a peaceful and relaxing space away from the main office to colleague’s breathing space away from their desks.

Here at BW Legal, we want to make it easier to start a conversation about mental health and for our colleagues to know that help is available.

Everyday pressures either at work or at home can, at times, have a detrimental effect on your mood. We want our colleagues to feel supported which is why, last year, 9 of our colleagues undertook training to become Mental Health First Aiders.

We also work with Health Assured to provide free additional support to employees with a variety of options including action plans, videos and helpful guides.

Within Health Assured, there is also a free employee assistance line which provides confidential third party advice and support on multiple requirements, not just health. They also include up to 8 counselling sessions which can be utilised over the phone or face to face, all available 24/7 throughout the year.

We signpost any employee in need to a fast and direct website called ‘Moodjuice’ where they are able to access free self-help care guides on areas such as depression, anxiety, panic, bereavement, stress, PTSD and more.

Whether at work or at home, we want to ensure that help is there for those who need it. We work to help our colleagues to learn more about the importance of wellbeing and strategies to help one another, so that we are able to open up with honesty in conversations about mental health.

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