BW Legal Supports National Apprenticeship Week 2019

It’s National Apprenticeship Week 2019 and at BW Legal, we embrace the positive impact of apprenticeships.

Our commitment to apprentices is demonstrated by having at least one colleague in every department in the business on an apprenticeship.

Whether it is someone who is taking the first step in their career, or an existing colleague up-skilling, we are committed to the life- long learning culture that the apprenticeship scheme provides.

Working with Apprenticeship Providers

With university fees going through the roof, paid apprenticeships offer an alternative and meaningful route into the world of work.

We work in partnership with our apprenticeship providers, ensuring that they not only have a wealth of experience in delivering excellent training but that they are experts in the field they train.

Currently, we are working with Estio, Babington and CSA to ensure that our apprentices are getting the best training in the area they want to develop.

Our selection process allows apprentices to easily communicate their behaviours and current skills so that we can identify their potential and recruit accordingly.

Types of Apprenticeship Roles

Here at BW Legal, we recruit apprentices for both back-office roles and front office operations.

We don’t just ‘bolt-on’ an apprentice to an existing role; we create a job for the apprentice, which allows them to take ownership and accountability for tasks. They also spend 20% of their time doing off the job learning, which complements and supports their effectiveness in their role.

In turn, we ensure that we pay our apprentices way above the minimum apprentice wage. This is in addition to them receiving all the fantastic benefits that our colleagues are entitled to.

Making an Impact

The apprentices are valued members of every department, being supported and coached, by their manager, but also allowing team members to develop valuable coaching skills, which can be utilised in the next step of their own career.

We currently have 12 great apprentices, who have taken the first step in their career with us.

We wanted to ask them how they are finding the experience with BW Legal whilst undertaking their apprenticeship. Do they find it rewarding? Do they view the scheme as a great alternative to the traditional college or university qualifications?

We have a number of apprenticeship programmes available at BW Legal so enquire via the Babington Group or directly (

Ellie (19), Human Resources, Level 3 Business Administration

Ellie is currently working in our HR team. “I’ve really been enjoying the scheme so far. Every week I feel like I’m learning new skills to support the role I am doing. By the time it concludes I’ll gain a Level 3 Business Administration qualification and will be looking to push on in the business from there.

I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship, they’re a great way to kick start your career. I get support from my colleagues but also from my tutor. You shouldn’t ever worry about asking questions either, it is how you learn and what the scheme is all about”.

Nathan, Collections, Level 2 Collector

Nathan recently joined our Collections department as an Apprentice Agent. He said “I’ve had a good start to my career at BW Legal. I’ve been on the new starter induction course which is very detailed and provides a great understanding of the role, the area and the things to expect in such an environment.

When I finish my apprenticeship I will have gained a Level 2 Collector qualification. It’s great to come out of a scheme with an added qualification. The advice I would give to anyone thinking about this is to just be yourself and ask questions where you don’t understand something along the way”.

Hallie, Accounts, Level 2 Business Administration

In our accounts team, Hallie has been working as a Legal Cashier under her apprenticeship scheme. “I’m pleased that by doing such a scheme I am able to add to my qualifications. When the scheme finishes I’ll be gaining a Level 2 Business Administration qualification.

The advice I would give, would be to definitely consider an apprenticeship if you aren’t wanting to go to 6th Form or University but want to still learn new things and gain qualifications as well as new life skills”.

Rebecca (18), IT, Level 3 Infrastructure Technician

Rebecca is currently working in our IT department. “I am working in the IT infrastructure team. I am learning how to provide support to users who are having day to day IT issues. I am loving the apprenticeship at the moment as I get to train and learn as well as gain valuable work experience.

When it concludes I will gain a qualification in Level 3 Infrastructure Technician. My advice is simple – work hard and stay focused”.

Faye (18), Litigation, Level 2 Business Administration

Faye joined our Litigation team in early autumn 2018. “I am currently an Apprentice Junior Paralegal. When I joined I did not know a lot about Litigation, as I haven’t been to University. I thought I wouldn’t have been given a chance to work in a law firm.

I’ve always wanted to get into law at some point and hopefully be a qualified Solicitor one day, but I felt like University wasn’t for me so I wanted to try another route. Being so young I feel like it’s an amazing chance to get to where I want to be.

I like how my apprenticeship gives me experience and it gives me a chance to develop further and gain more skills and knowledge in law. Being surrounded by Solicitors and Paralegals it gives me a good chance to ask questions and get advice about my future. I like how I’ve always been treated the same as everyone else as this was always a concern of mine. I feel very privileged being where I am now as if it wasn’t for this apprenticeship I couldn’t have seen myself getting into Law.

I will gain a Business Administration level 2 qualification and then I have a chance to go onto a Level 3 qualification if I wanted to. If not, I can stay as a Junior Paralegal in the business and progress further like I have seen other people in my department do.

I would recommend this to anyone, just go for it!”

Our Learning and Development Manager, Samantha Cooke, shared her experiences of such schemes with us.

“I am a great supporter of apprenticeship schemes and find that as the years have progressed this learning platform is more widely available. I started my career 10 years ago as an apprentice and gained my Level 2 and 3 in Business Administration. It provided me with another route to learn and find my career, after not being successful getting into my university placement.

My experience and knowledge of the scheme continues to drive the recruitment of apprentices into our business.

In addition, it is our belief that the apprenticeship scheme is not just for new employees, but also for our existing colleagues. We have a commitment to our colleagues, to nurture and develop their knowledge and skills. With this in mind, we have 7 members of our management team undertaking a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Leadership.

The knowledge that they are gaining from this course, they are applying straight into the workplace which in turn is driving performance and supporting them to reach new potential.

I would not hesitate to recommend undergoing an apprenticeship. Everyone can learn in different ways and by doing an apprenticeship, not only are you gaining the knowledge and skills you need but you are applying them in the work environment straight away.”

We’re always on the lookout for ambitious and driven individuals!

If you are interested in an apprenticeship scheme at BW Legal then please visit our careers page at


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