BW Legal CILEx lawyers qualify as Solicitors

We are pleased to announce that two of our employees were recently admitted to the roll and shall qualify as Solicitors. We sat down with both Rohan Krishnarao (Litigation Manager – Client & Strategy) and Steven Leckenby (Team Leader – Parking Litigation) to ask about their individual journeys.

Rohan Krishnarao (Litigation Manager – Client & Strategy)

I’m due to qualify on the 1 February 2019. It’s a great feeling to qualify as a Solicitor. I joined BW Legal in 2012 as a law graduate and have been able to see it grow from a small business with a few employees to the business it is today with over 250 employees! It’s been amazing to be part of that journey and it’s coincided with my own personal progression.

I always thought that I would go down the traditional route of completing my LPC and then obtaining a training contract soon after. However, in an extremely competitive market, I was unable to secure a training contract despite doing well academically. Thankfully, I found the CILEx route which helped me achieve the same goal (i.e. qualifying) whilst giving me the opportunity to learn on the job alongside studying for the qualification. I was fortunate enough to have BW Legal’s continuing support throughout this process without which, none of this would have been possible.

Personally it feels like such a huge achievement considering I started my law degree in 2004. Going to law school it’s something you always dream of to qualify. I’m looking forward to the future and hoping I can help anyone in our department who is looking to go through this route.

I’d like to thank those at BW who supported me through this period.

Steven Leckenby (Team Leader – Parking Litigation)

I’m really proud to have qualified as a Solicitor. I qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer through the CILEx route prior to joining BW Legal and I can already see myself helping others around me go through the same process. I qualified as a solicitor on the 2 January 2019, a great way to start to the New Year for me.

The CILEx route has been perfect for me. I enjoy what I do and know what I want to progress in. A training contract wasn’t the right route for me as it would have meant moving around every few months. Whilst of course there is nothing wrong with that, CILEx suited me much better.

The path to qualification not an easy one and this achievement would not have been possible without the support and mentoring provided here at BW Legal. BW Legal clearly promotes learning, development and a clear route to qualification for staff that drives those within to give there all in providing a best in class service.

Having now qualified as a Solicitor I have immediately received further support in keeping it up-to-date with the latest developments and with my continuous professional development.

Training routes to qualification at BW Legal

Ongoing training and the progression of our employee’s careers is something which we are extremely passionate about. Our Junior Paralegals join and have a clear structure in place to gain promotion through the various ranks through to being a case handler where they run their own case load. However we recognise that people’s ambitions continue beyond just running a case load.

Having seen the success which both Rohan and Steve have obtained through CILEx we are pleased to confirm that Phillip Byers-Nolan has commenced his CILEx from the 1 January 2019. Phillip, a Senior Paralegal in our Litigation department said “I’m really grateful to BW Legal for helping me get onto the CILEx route to qualification. I joined because I was enthusiastic about the progression the business offered and now this is coming to fruition. I’ve also seen a number of the junior paralegals be promoted through the department as well. It’s great to work in a department which offers opportunities as they do here. I’m hopeful this time next year I’ll be writing an article confirming my own qualification”.

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